Imaginables now supplies top quality igus 3D printing filaments

Imaginables now supplies top quality igus 3D printing filaments  article image

Treotham, the Australian supplier of innovative igus products, has announced that igus 3D printing filaments are now available in Australia from Imaginables.

Along with providing the materials, the company also offers a custom printing profile developed by igus that has been tested on their printer.

Imaginables is the Australian Distributor for both Ultimaker and Dremel Digilab 3D Printing products.

“By partnering with leading materials companies around the world like igus, Imaginables are able to assist customers in unlocking numerous industrial applications using high level engineering plastics and composites on Ultimaker machines,” says Kae Woei Lim, Creative Director of Imaginables.

The lightweight and durable wear-resistant    are made of tribologically optimised polymers and are up to 50 times more abrasion-resistant than standard 3D print materials. 

With two lubrication-free iglidur materials to choose from, users can produce 3D printed functional prototypes quickly and cost effectively. 

 UltimakerThis part was printed with an Ultimaker S5, leveraging on the printer’s ability to print dual materials. Igus I150’s tribological properties was required to 3D print the integrated bushings and external sliding surfaces that  were in contact with the machine.

In contrast the main frame of the component was printed with a carbon-fibre infused nylon that while abrasive provided the industrial strength and rigidity for this custom lever component. The unique combination of contrasting material properties provided a unique and custom solution for the user.

Imaginables application engineers are available to review and analyse your existing work process and assess how additive manufacturing can improve your business workflow and save you money.

For more information visit:

Treotham Automation Pty Ltd

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