Verizon Business rolls out 5G platform in Australia

Verizon Business rolls out 5G platform in Australia article image

Verizon Business has launched a private 5G platform for global enterprises located in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

Delivered in partnership with Nokia, the offering will enable Australian businesses to deploy a private industrial grade dedicated 5G network capability within their premises.

In addition to ultra-low latency and increased speed, a key benefit of a private 5G network is the ability for businesses, particularly those with manufacturing, distribution and logistics facilities, to deploy a customised on-site mobile network.

This eliminates the need to transmit data through public networks.

Verizon Business CEO Tami Erwin says there’s never been a more critical time for mobility, broadband and cloud products and services.

“Private 5G networks will be a transformative technology that will drive the new era of disruption and innovation for enterprises around the world,” Erwin says.

A private 5G network is a self-contained network whose components all reside in a single facility, consisting of micro towers and small cells and connects to an organisation’s Local Area Network (LAN) and enterprise applications. 

It will utilise Nokia’s Digital Automation Cloud, a private wireless network solution with automation enablers that will allow for application deployment through a web-based interface.VerizonTechnicianTests5GServiceInHouston

Accelerating digitalisation

“Private wireless connectivity has become central to many industries in realising their long-term digital transformation goals,” said Brian R. Fitzgerald, SVP Global Solutions at Nokia.

“By delivering private 5G together with Verizon, we’re paving the way to accelerate digitalisation for the most demanding industries who crave reliable wireless connectivity,”

The launch of private 5G will enable Verizon Media to deliver its next-generation content creation, production and distribution technologies at scale and in real-time to global audiences for customers.

“We're seeing international markets moving rapidly to deploy 5G Private Networks, which appears as a major use case for the uptake of 5G, particularly in order to capitalise on 5G investments in the enterprise market,” said Martina Kurth, associate vice president of IDC’s European Telco Research practice.

“With the ingredients of an early mover go-to-market 5G-know-how, foundational enterprise networking and innovative 5G enabled services Verizon's go-to-market recipe with Nokia will be an attractive solution to the broader market.”

The Europe and APAC launch follows recent MEC partnership announcements with  MicrosoftCisco, IBM and AWS.

In August, Verizon announced its successful completion of lab trials with Corning and Samsung on its new 5G mmWave in-building solutions.

More information on how Verizon’s private 5G platform can help your business can be found here.   



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