University of Sydney now flying high with Airbus

University of Sydney now flying high with Airbus article image

The University of Sydney will partner with world-leading aeronautical manufacturer Airbus in a global program that connects aircraft experts with Australia's future engineering talent.

The University’s Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies has joined the Airbus Global University Partner Programme, the only Australian university to be part of the program.

The partnership allows the University and Airbus to collaborate in a number of areas:

  • Funding students and activities, enabling participation in innovation programs at Airbus facilities around the world, where students will use their university learning to tackle industry challenges, learning more about the aeronautical industry
  • Giving aerospace, mechanical and mechatronics engineering students access to Airbus’ 100-strong campus team and
  • Allowing students to partake in global exchanges such as the annual Airbus Airnovation Summer Academy.

A total of 22 universities in 12 different countries currently participate in the program.

Special insight into aviation and aerospace industries

The University’s Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies Dean Professor Willy Zwaenepoel says the new partnership complements what students learn on campus.

“This program gives students the best available insights into the opportunities available in the aviation and aerospace industries,” he said.

“It’s a two-way street. The University’s mechanical, aeronautical and manufacturing engineering program is the highest-ranked in Australia. We’re confident Airbus will benefit from having access to talented students who are learning about the latest research in areas ranging from aerospace structures to flight guidance, navigation and control.”

Signing ceremony

A local signing ceremony in Sydney will be followed by a formal signing in November at the Zhuhai Air Show in China to mark the beginning of the Airbus Global Partner Programme.Mal Benfer and Prof Willy Zwaenepoel

Last week, Professor Willy Zwaenepoel signed the partnership agreement with Airbus Australia Pacific Vice-President Capability, Malcolm Benfer. 

In China, Professor Zwaenepoel will finalise the agreement with Thierry Baril, Chief Human Resources Officer, Airbus.

Malcolm Benfer & Professor Willy Zwaenepoel at the signing ceremony



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