Boeing invests in unmanned aircraft systems specialist Robotic Skies

Boeing invests in unmanned aircraft systems specialist Robotic Skies article image

Boeing, the world's largest aerospace company, is investing in US-based company Robotic Skies, to further improve safety and customer service.

Robotic Skies is a service provider that connects manufacturers and operators of commercial unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) with a global network of more than 170 civil aviation authority-certified repair stations.

"With safety as a cornerstone, we are shaping a robust operational ecosystem for on-demand mobility that supports the future of aircraft, air vehicles and autonomous systems," said Brian Schettler, managing director for Boeing HorizonX Ventures.

The investment is part of Boeing's long-term strategy of entering into value-added partnerships that enhance and accelerate growth for its customers.

"Unmanned and autonomous commercial aircraft operations are increasingly mirroring those in manned aviation, including the need for quality maintenance provided by certified technicians," said Brad Hayden, founder and CEO of Robotic Skies.

"This latest investment will allow us to continue to grow our global footprint and expand operational capabilities to support customers."

Australian partnership

Earlier this year, Australian UAV manufacturer Carbonix announced a partnership with Robotic Skies, giving customers access to its worldwide network. 

Carbonix is one of the leading drone manufacturers servicing commercial mission applications.

As the first drone manufacturer to commercialise a sub 25kg powered-lift drone into the Australian market in 2017, Carbonix had been looking for a global UAV maintenance specialist to support its international sales growth.

Carbonix manufactures next generation UAV systems for industry and defence applications around the world.

Its UAV airframes are manufactured in-house in Australia using advanced composite materials. All core avionic systems are designed, developed and tested by Carbonix engineers.

Investment partners

Boeing HorizonX Ventures led the latest Robotic Skies funding round, with support from Thayer Ventures, Sun Mountain Capital and KickStart Seed Fund.

The investment builds on a previously-announced collaboration with Robotic Skies, Boeing Global Services and its subsidiaries Aviall and Jeppesen to provide enhanced commercial UAS services.

Boeing is a leading provider of commercial airplanes, defence, space and security systems, and global services.

As the top US exporter, the company supports commercial and government customers in more than 150 countries. Boeing employs more than 150,000 people worldwide and leverages the talents of a global supplier base.

Turnkey field service programs

Robotic Skies is the only global network of certified UAS maintenance centres. It offers comprehensive turnkey field service programs designed to keep UAS flying safely, efficiently and affordably around the world.

Founded in 2014, Robotic Skies has more than 170 certified repair stations across more than 40 countries, providing MRO and support services for commercial UAS.

Each service centre in the network possesses the aviation expertise and factory training to ensure the mission readiness of these aircraft.

Mr Hayden says maintenance partnerships are only possible when both manufacturer and maintenance provider have the documentation, processes and certification to ensure seamless support at every stage.

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