Sydney robot tech start-up finds instant success on world stage

Sydney robot tech start-up finds instant success on world stage article image

Jatinder Grewal started making electronics and robots as a teenager. He is now running a technology start-up that is taking the world by storm.

After just two years in business, Hind Technology, which designs and builds software and electronics to control robots, is struggling to keep up with demand.

“Our products are engineered to make CNC machine usage simple and reliable with the best price point,” says Mr Grewal.

His specialised control board, called Masso, offers an all-in-one solution. 

It is designed from the ground-up on a custom built hardware platform that includes all the inputs and outputs to control machine axis and spindles.

All the required hardware is built into the system and the user only needs to connect a LCD screen through VGA cable and a standard USB keyboard.

“With our unique dedicated architecture the machine can be used as a controller without requiring any PC.

“Our controllers are compatible with most of the standard motors/drives and can be easily interfaces with standard CNC equipment.”

Expansion plans

Hind Technology now exports to more than 20 countries and is looking to expand into more overseas markets. 

Surprisingly, the US, a global leader in robotics, is now its core biggest market.

And online sales continue to grow.

The company is seeing orders roll in from overseas hobbyists and manufacturers across the globe.

"It's unbelievable — you wake up and then you see a couple of orders in your email and you've been paid while sleeping," Mr Grewal said.

With sales doubling monthly over the past three months, Grewal predicts the company will be turning over $700,000 a month by December if growth continues at the same rate.



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