Three new non-contact safety sensors from Balluff

Three new non-contact safety sensors from Balluff article image

Balluff is expanding its safety portfolio with magnetic, transponder and inductive safety sensors.

They are connected economically directly to the safe Balluff IO-Link I/O module or to any safety controller using standard M12 connectors.

The safety portfolio now includes:

Magnetically coded safety sensor

Thanks to its non-contact operating principle the magnetically coded safety switch is unaffected by mechanical play, for example when doors settle or are imprecisely guided. This makes it simple to install. With separate processing electronics the safety switch can be used for applications up to PLe/SIL 3.

The proven magnetic technology with intelligent arrangement of the reed contacts in the switch housing offers high tampering security and reduces the risk of bypassing the safety function. With the optional available spacer you can even install the safety switch in a ferromagnetic environment.

 Ballfuff_Sicherherheitssensor - magnetcodiert

Transponder coded safety switches 

The transponder coded safety sensor is also ideal for monitoring guard doors and flaps. Since the passive RFID transponder is uniquely identified by the sensor, high coding levels and accordingly high bypass protection can be implemented. The generous detection range of the sensor also makes it insensitive to vibration and mechanical play on the protection device, and the detection range simplifies installation. The compact size offers you greater flexibility in integrating the device into your application.

It's easy to use the devices in applications up to PLe and SIL 3 thanks to the integrated safety logic and the OSSD output stage.


Inductive safety sensors

New in the Balluff line of safety products is also an inductive safety sensor which detects the approach of metallic targets. Unlike traditional safety switches it requires no special mating part. This means for example it can generate safe signals for position and end-of-travel or directly sense metallic workpiece carriers. The sensor is also suitable as a pulse transmitter for counting tasks and speed sensing.

What's more: the inductive safety sensor can be connected to any desired safety processor, including safety relays, programmable logic modules or safety controllers. Wiring is simple using standardized M12 plug connections.

Balluff_Induktiver Sicherheitsensor1



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