Omron’s new smart camera takes vision inspections to a new level

Omron’s new smart camera takes vision inspections to a new level article image

Product inspection is a crucial element of modern quality control – particularly in the food and beverage sector.

Accurate and reliable inspections are essential to maintain and enhance trust between brand and consumer.

Most importantly, effective inspections can boost production, reduce costs – and minimise waste. Professional quality inspections will help to protect your brand and your company’s reputation.

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Industrial automation solutions provider Omron is a global leader in visual inspection systems.

The company has taken product inspection to another level with the release of its new FHV7 smart camera for advanced vision inspections on high-mix production lines.

World first multi-colour lightThe FHV7 smart camera is a game changing tool to ensure quality control in a broad range of industries.

It features the world’s first multi-colour light and high-resolution image sensor – the best in class. This unique technology is designed to achieve the industry’s highest standards of precision.

The FHV7 offers ultimate flexibility to fit an ever-changing production scene.

It is easily integrated in your current system and machine platform and can be combined with robots for picking and assembling applications.

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With the FHV7 smart camera you can promptly identify the causes of defects.

Like human eyes, the FHV7 accurately measures objects in different colours and sizes on the same production line.

The smart camera’s image processing reaches industry-leading speeds, while its camera delivers industry-leading resolution for achieving higher precision in inspections and maintaining quality with slowing production down.

The FHV7 delivers complete traceability in production processes – including food and beverage – where quality control is paramount.

 Key features

  • Multi-colour light – no need to change lighting when product designs are changed, or new products are added to the production mix

  • Industry first 12MPix smart camera

  • Dual-core CPU provides the fastest image processing speed among smart cameras (four times faster than the previous generation)

  • High-resolution image sensor enables high-precision inspections for wider areas of view

  • Autofocus lens covers a focal distance between 59 and 2,000mm

    Omron_FHV7 smart camera4
  • Easy addition of external lights and filter replacement

  • Modular structure so users can freely combine the lens and lighting variants

  • High-speed image logging enables measurements to be conducted while data is being saved

  • Production cycle time can be maintained even if resolution is increased or inspection items are added

  • Rugged design with IP67 classification

  • Waterproof hood allows use in wet conditions

To learn how the FHV7 smart camera can improve accuracy and boost your productivity contact:

Omron Industrial Automation:

1300 766 766



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