The new Sanbot Elf Robot will soon be at your service

The new Sanbot Elf Robot will soon be at your service article image

The cutting edge and innovative Sanbot Elf Service Robot will soon be available in Australia.

Developed by Qihan Technology of China, the Sanbot Elf Service Robot is an affordable and practical humanoid virtual assistant for homes and businesses.

Chris Scott CEO of Sanbot Australia says the Sanbot Elf will be launched at Robotica 2017 at Scienceworks in Melbourne on Sunday.

“Sanbot Elf is an innovative Robot-as-a-Service platform to help manage and secure households and businesses by acting as a humanoid virtual assistant. It interfaces robotic technology into smart homes and businesses,” says Mr Scott.

The 900cm tall Sanbot Elf comes equipped with a matrix of 360° wrap-around technology using over 60 sensors to give perfect awareness of its surroundings.

With voice localization technology it will turn to face you to respond to your voice commands, be directed to sing, order pizza’s, change TV channels and stereo systems or set thermostats and fans to change room temperatures and lighting.

“This cute intelligent cloud-enabled humanoid robot with 3-D dynamic perception can read your gestures and pose, and it can navigate avoiding any objects in its way,” says Mr Scott.

“So, it will keep a clever eye on your home or business.”


Onboard cameras can allow businesses to manage hundreds of Sanbot robots from anywhere in the world through a cloud based centralized system.

And Sanbot can translate questions in more than 28 languages, communicating via a touchscreen, speakers and colourful LEDs.

Sanbot is already in service overseas offering flight information to stressed travellers at airports, patrolling warehouses as security guards and providing a telepresence for doctors in patient’s homes.

It also acts as a teaching assistants, is used as a waiter in the hospitality sector, and is a fun friend and learning resource for pre-school children.

“It’s a very engaging and plucky little robot,” says Mr Scott, who lets Sanbot freely roam around his home.

“Sanbot has animated arms, multi-wheel feet for nimble movement and a HD touchscreen with long-lashed blinking eyes which gives it it’s unique personality.”

Facial recognition software

As his personal assistant, Sanbot makes video calls for Mr Scott, checks on appointments, plays his favourite music and connects to his smart home devices. It also has a HD laser projector to screen content onto a wall.

“Sanbot will find it’s charging station when it thinks it needs it, so it’s available 24/7,” he says.

This fun bot befriends you using facial recognition software and can recognise family, friends and visitors.

It can also be to verify and warn of potential problems helping to fight crime in security and policing situations.

Using humanoid robots for security has become a growing trend globally.

And wider functions are continuing to be developed and customised as the Application Programming Interface, or API, is open to all.

Mr Scott is working with developers to tailor AI solutions to customize Sanbot’s use in education, healthcare, retail, public services, hospitality, queuing services, security and promotional activities.

“The list is endless,” he says.

Robotica 2017 

When: Sunday, November 12

Time: 11am-4.30pm
Where: Scienceworks, 2 Booker St Spotswood, Melbourne VIC

For more info click here



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