ECOVACS’ new robotic vacuum comes with a pet care kit

ECOVACS’ new robotic vacuum comes with a pet care kit article image

ECOVACS ROBOTICS, a leader in smart cleaning robots, has introduced the Deebot U2 Pro, an all-in-one home vacuuming and mopping robot that includes a new Pet Care Kit.

With the Deebot U2 Pro pet owners can easily clean up fur – even during their pet’s heavy shedding season.

The Pet Care Kit contains an extra large 800ml dustbin and tangle-free main brush which, when combined with the strong suction, delivers great results for even the most stubborn pet hair. The Deebot U2 Pro also features smart move navigation, high-capacity deep cleaning and mopping functionality.

More than 60% of Australian households have a pet, with local pet ownership rates among the highest in the world – even greater than the US and the UK. Nearly four million households have at least one dog, while more than 2.5 million Australian households have at least one cat.

As people spend more time at home throughout 2020, these figures continue to rise, with both the RSPCA and Pet Rescue seeing a surge in adoptions through this year. This includes a 45% increase in dog adoptions, while cat adoptions are up 20% when compared to RSPCA data from 2019.

“Australians love their pets, and 2020 has only seen more and more dogs and cats adopted around the country,” says Karen Powell, Head of ECOVACS Robotics for Australia and New Zealand.

“The Deebot U2 Pro, designed especially for pet owners, takes some of our most popular features including mopping and navigation and teams it with a specialty Pet Care Kit that can tackle any hairy situation. It’s another way that we can continue to free up time to enable people to do more of what they love while we take care of the cleaning.”

Four-stage cleaning system

ECOVACS’ features dual mopping and vacuuming technology.

Combining a 400ml dustbin and 300ml water reservoir, these robo vacs can vacuum and mop an entire home, up to 200 sqm in size.

The new model uses ECOVACS’ Ozmo advanced mopping and four-stage cleaning system to make sure no dirt is left behind.

Users can easily install the cleaning cloth plate to switch between vacuum and mopping functions. The electronically controlled water pump consistently draws water from the reservoir offering a superior and safe mopping performance.

The Deebot U2 Pro offers both a standard mode for everyday clean ups, as well as Max+ mode for intense deep cleaning performance that boosts suction power 2.5 times to handle the most demanding cleaning challenges.

And a 3200mAh Li- ion battery delivers 150 minutes of operating time.

Pet Care Kit makes fur clean up easy

The Pet Care Kit consists of an interchangeable 800ml XL Dustbin (ECOVACS’ largest) and heavy-duty Tangle-free Brush for easily managing even the most difficult pet hair problems.

The kit can be optionally installed instead of the OZMO mopping tank and existing main brush to maximise pet hair cleaning capacity.

The ECOVACS’ HOME App enables users to easily schedule and manage cleaning routines and operating modes. The App is compatible with Amazon Echo or Google Home.

The Deebot U2 Pro, including the Pet Care Kit, is now available from at a RRP of $599.



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