Home cleaning made easy with iRobot’s new Roomba e5

Home cleaning made easy with iRobot’s new Roomba e5 article image

Looking for some help with your household chores?

Then this latest release from iRobot may be just what you need.

Launched in Australia earlier this year, the Roomba e5 robot vacuum is iRobot’s latest model.

This robo vac offers a powerful performance, smart home capabilities – at an affordable price.

We’ve been test driving the new model for the past week and have been most impressed with its cleaning smarts.

Though its specs, software, and price point are similar to its big brother – the Roomba 890 – the cleaning performance of the e5 is superior.

The downside is, unlike the Roomba 890, the e5 does not have a memory mapping feature.

We put the e5 through its paces on three different surfaces – hardware floor, low pile carpet and a high pile rug – using different materials for collection. It passed each test with flying colours.

The e5 is the first iRobot model with a washable dust bin. A quick rinse is all it takes to remove leftover debris in the robot dust bin. iRobot2

It’s easy to install and even easier to use. And the good news is, it’s compatible with Amazon Alexa smart home device. 

That means you can now ask Alexa to do your dirty work for you.

Alternatively, you can use your smartphone to do everything with the Roomba e5. That includes monitoring its battery life to setting a cleaning schedule.

Simple set-up

Setting up the Roomba e5 is simple with these six steps:

  1. Download the iRobot Home app from iOS App Store or Android Play Store.

  2. Open the app using the country setting

  3. Create a new account

  4. Tap on Select Device option to select Roomba.

  5. Tap on Begin Setup option.

  6. Set up the Wi-Fi by pressing the two specified buttons on the Roomba e5 and tap

When the Wi-Fi setup is finished, the Roomba e5 will let you know the set-up is done – with a similar message in the app.

You then simply tap on the Continue option and the Roomba e5 is ready to roll.

Similarly, the e5 can be set up to use with Alexa with these three steps:

  1. Go to the Skills and Games section in your Alexa App.

  2. Search for iRobot Home and tap on enable option.

  3. Enter your iRobot home log-in details

When logged in, you simply tap on the DONE option and your Roomba is all ready to take commands from Alexa.

Simple to use

The user-friendly Roomba e5 looks similar to other models in the Roomba range. With a sturdy, compact circular body, the unit has a diameter of 33.8cm, height 8.1cm and weighs just 3.2kg.

It has three buttons on top.

The main CLEAN button is used for turning the robot on and off and starting a cleaning job, while the home button prompts the e5 to locate its charging station and dock with it. The third button coupled with the home button is used to set up the Wi-Fi and for syncing with the phone app.

Underneath, the e5 has three wheels that help it to navigate a room with ease. There is also a set of roller brushes and a side brush that swipe the dust clean from the floor.irobot_roomba e5

The washable bin can be detached completely from the main body and placed under a tap for easy cleaning. The bin can be accessed by pressing a button on the side.

The CLEAN button acts as both a power button and an automated cleaning button. Users can set a daily or weekly schedule as well as a “one-time” schedule.

The e5 comes with a plug-in charging base where it docks to recharge when the battery is low.

As with most Roombas, the e5 comes out of the box at least 50% charged. When fully charged it can run for up to 90 minutes each time.

The Roomba e5 also comes with a Virtual Wall device. When placed on the floor this small remote creates designated borders to prevent the Roomba from wandering into “no-go” zones in your home.

Impressive performance

Roomba e5’s cleaning performance is impressive to say the least.

It tackles most types of debris quickly and efficiently – on all of the surfaces we tested.

The vacuum moves swiftly and quietly to all parts of the room.

The Roomba will clean floors leaving no trace of dust, crumbs or hair at all. Big items like pieces of paper, tissues or food scraps are a much greater challenge.

Minimum effort is required from users. The robot cleans the house without any aid or adult supervision. It’s completely autonomous, detecting dirt and debris while cleaning it up.

The Roomba e5 is ideal for homes with pets for removing pet hair on floors and carpets.

Low maintenance

Maintenance is another area where the Roomba e5 shines. The only regular maintenance needed is when replacing the high efficiency filter, spinning brush, rubber brush rolls or battery.

However, the filter is really the only piece that needs to be replaced frequently. All other parts are dependent on the amount of use and wear and tear of the vacuum.


  • WiFi connectivity, allowing users to control the vacuum from their phone or compatible smart home voice activated device

  • Powerful, yet quiet, cleaning performance

  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa

  • Bigger dustbin capacity (500ml)

  • User friendly – easy to instal

  • Long lasting battery


  • Does not have an onboard camera for home mapping

  • Does not have the ability to recharge and resume. (The vacuum remains on the base when charged).

  • No wet mopping feature

  • No self-empty option

Bottom line:

When it comes to value, the Roomba e5 is hard to beat.

It’s a great choice if you want exceptional cleaning performance at an affordable price.

Loaded with advanced technology and a long-lasting battery, this robo vac has some very cool features.

The Roomba e5 Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum is available in Australia at RRP $999 – almost half the price of some of the newest models currently available.

If you’re looking for an affordable, user-friendly robo vac to assist with the cleaning duties, the iRobot Roomba e5 is a welcome addition to almost any home.



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