Yaskawa unveils new highspeed industrial robot for small component processing

Yaskawa unveils new highspeed industrial robot for small component processing article image

Yaskawa has launched a new industrial robot for small component processing.

The company says the new Motoman GP4 robot is “extremely fast” to enable maximum throughput.

Equipped with a 4kg payload for high-volume small component processing, it is also “highly precise.”

With Axis speeds up to 1,000 degrees/s and incredibly fast acceleration/deceleration control for all robot positions, the GP4 optimises overall productivity, says Yaskawa.

“This model provides extremely agile operations for a wide range of applications including assembly, handling, machine tending and packaging,” said a Yaskawa spokesperson.

The GP4 achieves the highest performance in its class with a 163% faster synthesis speed as a result of the increased maximum speed capacity of each of the 6 axes (compared to the previous Motoman-MH3F model).

This reduces the tact time and contributes to improving productivity. Thanks to maximising its reach the effective motion area in the vicinity of the robot is expanded helping to improve accessibility to the workpiece while saving valuable space.

Highly flexible, the GP4 offers a wide work area for its size, making it a viable six-axis alternative to SCARA-style robots typically used in the electronics, confectionery and industries that require small parcel sortation.

Minimum installation space

The GP4 features a 1,008 mm vertical reach, 550 mm horizontal reach and ±0.01 mm repeatability. A high wrist allowable moment enables accurate and repeatable handling.

A compact footprint and slim body design allow for minimum installation space and minimise interference with peripheral devices.

This enables the GP4 to be placed in close proximity to workpieces and other robots to create flexible, high-density layouts.

An IP67 rating and easy-to-clean surface facilitate use in sanitary or harsh environments, and an anti-corrosive paint option is available for further chemical resistance.

Installation is quick and efficient. A single cable is all that is needed to connect the manipulator to the controller, resulting in easy setup and reduced expenses for maintenance and spare parts inventory. An optional location (bottom) for the manipular cable connection reduces interference with walls. 

The smallest robot in the GP-series product line, the GP4 is compatible with the YRC1000 controller or the ultra-compact, yet powerful YRC1000micro controller, and utilises a lightweight standard teach pendant with intuitive programming.



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