Virtual trade show: igus unveils its latest technology

Virtual trade show: igus unveils its latest technology article image

igus, a global leader in e-chain systems, last week launched a virtual trade show, showcasing more than 100 plastic innovations and product range additions.

The products are featured in a 400sqm real stand built at its headquarters in Cologne, Germany.

In the virtual trade show, igus is showing visitors how high-performance polymers can be used to sustainably increase the service life of moving applications and reduce costs.

"When one trade show after the other was cancelled, it quickly became clear to us: we should create our own trade show and share it with the world from Cologne", explains Frank Blase, CEO of igus GmbH.

The trade show, with the theme “Tech Up, Costs Down”, is part of the digital support given to customers. Personal guided tours, person-to-person meetings and group meetings on the stand can be arranged.

At the individual stations, visitors can make use of displays, films and texts to explore the world of motion plastics. This includes SPE cables designed especially for e-chains, to lightweight drylin polymer telescopes and intelligent smart plastics solutions. Links take the user to more detailed technical information and videos on the website.

With the help of a tablet, an expert guides the visitor over the trade show stand and can directly access the exhibited products and demonstrate their use on trade show machines.

The stand can also be used for tutorials and webinars, so that customers can expand their knowledge into all aspects of motion plastics from igus.

Blase says immense global challenges this year as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic has spurred igus to greater heights.

Robot Control Kit

A highlight of the virtual trade show is the igus Robot Control Kit for control of robolink D robotic arms, gantries and drylin linear and delta robots. With a simple to use interface, you can program and move the robot.

Another highlight is the autoglide 5 energy chain, especially designed for horizontal use in intralogistics as well as on crane sites. It eliminates the need for a guide trough, reducing assembly time by up to 88 percent compared to traditional systems.

Instead, the chain lies on a tensioned cable. The chain can travel at speeds of up to 4m/s and distances up to 80m. It is also very quiet – in tests, at a speed of 2m/s, the measured value was just 63dB(A).

The e-spool flex 2.0 is a cable reel without a slip ring. It can manage cables from 5 to 15mm diameter. The cable is always safely routed through a guide to ensure that it is always properly rolled up.

New for home office engineers is the drygear strainwave gear range, which offers 50 percent higher efficiency. Very lightweight and compact, it is made of igus high-performance polymers and is cost-efficient.

Telescopic guide

The drylin NTP27 telescopic guide is made entirely of plastic. Its lightweight design makes it very energy efficient in interior applications, such as in an aircraft. The guide can take loads up to 2.5kg and is available in extension lengths of up to 150mm. Installation is fast and intuitive, and the polymer telescopic guide runs without any lubrication.

Blase says igus is continuing its high level of investment in digitisation.

Last year, the company brought eight additional service life simulators and online tools to the web. This includes gears, rollers and shafts, as well as the RBTX platform for low-cost robotics.

Meanwhile, 38 online tools can be used free of charge and without registration.

"Both sample projects, new construction and digitisation, have a common focus: the customer should get his motion plastics solutions quickly, easily and reliably,” says Blase.

You can view the igus stand at: or take a guided virtual tour at:

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