Top design award for Schaeffler’s new mobile robot

Top design award for Schaeffler’s new mobile robot article image

Schaeffler, a leading global automotive and industrial supplier, has won a prestigious Red Dot design award for its innovative Dual EXtendable (DEX) Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) project.

DEX was designed to reimagine the dexterity and intelligence of collaborative robots and their relationships with shopfloor employees.

It features bi-directional leg extensions, WLAN and middleware integration, 2D/3D SLAM-based precise localisation, as well as speech and gesture recognition capabilities.

According to Schaeffler DEX can be used in industrial settings to support and boost productivity across a wide range of tasks.

DEX took out the Best of the Best award in the global Red Dot Design Awards under the Design Concept category.

“Being awarded the Best of the Best award for DEX from one of the most prestigious awards is testament to our continuous passion and commitment in developing cutting edge solutions to drive new possibilities for mobility and motion – both with our customers and for our production operations,” saidHan Boon Siew, Chief Information Officer Schaeffler Asia/Pacific, Director at Schaeffler Hub for Advanced Research.

The research project is part of Schaeffler’s Schaeffler Hub for Advanced Research (SHARE) program that comprises a global research network with leading universities worldwide via its company-on-campus concept.

Exchange of ideas

The concept enables intensive exchange and close cooperation between Schaeffler employees, scientists and academics through applied research. Research insights are then transformed into product development activities.

DEX was also designed in collaboration with Orcadesign Consultants Pte Ltd, who worked closely with the SHARE at NTU technology team to visualise the concept and vision of DEX.

Last year Schaeffler received the Red Dot Design Award in the Smart Product and Industrial Design categories for its OPTIME condition monitoring solution.

The plug-and-play solution, which allows for comprehensive condition monitoring that is both easy and affordable, enables industry players to quickly and conveniently plan their long-term maintenance, manpower or spare-parts requirements in a matter of hours.

The Best of the Best award is awarded to projects and concepts for groundbreaking design and is reserved for the best works in a particular category.

Schaeffler will receive the Red Dot award at a special ceremony on September 27.



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