Robots get ‘eyes’ like humans

Robots get ‘eyes’ like humans article image

Photoneo’s high resolution MotionCam-3D has won the 2020 Award for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Robotics & Automation (IERA).

This 3D scanner captures quick moving objects and delivers “the sharpest eyes in the world for industrial robots. 

“The jury is pleased to announce the selection of Photoneo’s Motion Cam-3D as the winner of the 16th IERA Award,” said Jury Chair Robert Ambrose from IEEE-RAS.The award celebrates the combination of innovative concepts with entrepreneurial efforts to bring those ideas to market.

“This year’s winner is a novel 3D imaging system merging the benefits of both stereo vision with structured light approaches to yield a fast and accurate perception system with applications in society and industry.”

Jan Zizka, CEO of Bratislava-based maker Photoneo says the MotionCam-3D gives eyes to robots with the highest resolution and accuracy in the world.

“Our camera is able to inspect objects moving as fast as 140 km/h,” he said.

It can be used in a wide range of applications including e-commerce and logistics, for object sorting and autonomous delivery systems.

The camera also helps in food processing and waste sorting as well as harvesting in agriculture.

With highly accurate machine vision, robots can also analyse objects with high resolution images, which is important in quality control.

Photoneo was founded in 2013 with the aim of revolutionising 3D vision technology. 

Today, its product portfolio includes the PhoXi 3D scanner family, PhoXi 3D camera and autonomous mobile robot, Phollower 100, in addition to various software applications for bin picking.



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