Omron shows how humans and machines can work in perfect harmony

Omron shows how humans and machines can work in perfect harmony article image

Factories around the world face many challenges, including labour shortages.

Most businesses now recognise the urgent need to automate manual, repetitive tasks – and are turning to collaborative robots to solve the problem.

A collaborative robot (cobot) is a robot designed to physically interact with humans in a shared workspace. With a strong focus on safety, they are designed to detect abnormal activity in their environment through force limitation or vision monitoring.

Omron’s new TM Series collaborative robots are helping to create an intelligent manufacturing environment where humans and machines work in harmony.

At a special breakfast seminar in Sydney this week, global automation giant Omron demonstrated how its cobots can significantly boost productivity, increase profitability and improve workplace safety.

More than 40 guests learned how cobots can be quickly and easily deployed to perform almost any task.

Safe and transportable, with built-in vision, the TM robot allows for quick start-ups and rapid changeovers. Most importantly, staff are saved from carrying out repetitive, monotonous tasks.

Built for the future of automation

Whether you’re working in automotive, semiconductors, packaging, food and beverage or pharmaceuticals, the Omron TM cobot is designed to adapt to almost any industry.

This new line of collaborative robots is safer, simpler to program, and easier to integrate with other equipment.

Key features

  • Less programming and faster changeover help companies produce a high mix and low volume of products
  • Safety as priority. Safety requirements specifiedy in ISO 10218 and ISO/TS 15066
  • The simplified programming for these robots requires no coding, and no pendant, giving users faster start-up times
  • Versatile and adaptable to numerous applications especially machine tending, loading and unloading, assembling, gluing, testing, and soldering
  • Guaranteed seamless integration with mobile robots and controller hardware
  • Built-In intelligent vision system for pattern recognition, object positioning and barcode identification.

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