Omron showcases factory of the future at CES 2019

Omron showcases factory of the future at CES 2019 article image

Technology giant Omron is featuring its latest advancements in artificial intelligence, robotics, sensing and automation at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.

Highlight of the Omron display is a Factory Harmony exhibit – an interactive experience of the manufacturing floor of the near future in which humans and machines work together in harmony.

Also on display is Omron’s next-generation Forpheus, the world’s first AI-equipped table tennis tutor.

"Omron’s founding principle is to improve lives and contribute to a better society,” says Nigel Blakeway, managing executive officer of Omron Corporation.

CES visitors were given an opportunity to interact directly with Omron AI, robotics and automation and experiencing the harmony that can be achieved between humans and machines when technology is designed to unleash and augment human potential."

Factory Harmony exhibit

Omron’s Factory Harmony exhibit at CES 2019 is demonstrating the manufacturing floor of the near-future, with machines that work to understand and help humans.

Visitors can work in collaboration with machines and be part of an interactive product manufacturing demonstration, creating their own personalised product.

In the Factory Harmony exhibit, Omron pick and place automation demonstrates the potential for machines to manage fine detail work with speed and accuracy.

And Omron mobile robots create flexibility in the manufacturing line, demonstrating the ability to meet growing demands for product transfer customization without reconfiguring an entire equipment line.

Omron mobile robots and collaborative robots work safely side-by-side with humans, adapting to worker needs and environmental conditions for a safer workplace.

"Our Factory Harmony exhibit demonstrates how humans and machines can work together to meet the demands of modern manufacturing, including flexibility and customization, traceability of products and a higher standard of worker safety," says Deron Jackson, chief technical officer of Omron Adept Technologies. "Our vision of Factory Harmony is humans and machines working together to ensure constant improvements in productivity, efficiency, product quality and a more rewarding worker experience."

FORPHEUS returns

Omron’s AI-equipped table tennis tutor, Forpheus, was again a star attraction at CES.

Forpheus is an interactive representation of the company's integrated technologies with Omron Sensing & Control + Think at the core of the demonstration.

This smart bot illustrates how intelligent machines can learn from human interaction and help develop and support human potential. Rather than competing, Forpheus learns from and tutors each player, adjusting his abilities to promote longer rallies, coaching and encouraging the other participant throughout their match.

At CES 2019, Omron has unveiled the fifth-generation Forpheus, upgraded with advanced capabilities to learn from and coach the player, an expanded range of movement, faster ball return skills, enhanced people and ball-sensing prediction and deeper AI-powered personalised coaching.

Forpheus now features "elbow" and "wrist" movements to place topspin and backspin on the ball. Omron developers sharpened his vision, which now boasts high-speed image processing by a stereo camera. Using his improved perception and data from a player's performance, Forpheus now compares a player's form and skill to that of a professional table tennis player, providing personalised coaching.

Significant strides in technology

"Forpheus is an excellent ambassador for the harmonious relationship between humans and machines and a strong demonstration of the dynamic AI and robotics technologies that are evolving the modern workplace," says Blakeway.

"Omron has worked for decades to contribute to significant strides in technology that contributes to people's lives. It's very likely CES attendees have interacted with our technologies like our facial recognition image sensing, which is in more than 500 million devices worldwide," he says.

"We're looking forward to connecting with new partners and talent at CES, showing them what Omron is about and discussing upcoming projects and expansion in the US and around the world."



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