New igus cable reel delivers safety and cost savings

New igus cable reel delivers safety and cost savings article image

To use tools and operating panels flexibly in production, they require appropriately long cables and hoses.

However, they are often strewn across the hall floor without any protection and constitute a tripping hazard.

Cable reels with slip rings offer a solution for energy transmission but are often only available as a complete package with a new cable. A further disadvantage: the fast transmission of large amounts of data and media is very complicated with slip rings.

Therefore, igus has now developed the e-spool flex, a cable reel with a worm guide. The new cable winder does not require a slip ring, so bus cables and hoses for air and liquids can also be guided without interruption.

"The user can easily install his existing cable in the system. This saves costs and increases the safety of his workplace", says Jörg Ottersbach, Head of the e-chains Business Unit at igus GmbH.

Available in two versions

For fast assembly, igus relies on a worm guide in which the cable or hose is inserted. The guide is then inserted into the outer and winding housing of the e-spool flex in a few simple steps. This means cables can move flexibly in free use and are quickly and cleanly stowed away after use.

The new e-spool flex is available in two versions: one is a low-cost version with a manual turner to wind up the cable or an automatic solution with a brake and a spring-driven return mechanism.

The e-spool flex is available in three sizes for cables with a diameter of 5 to 11 millimetres and an extension length of 5m-15m. The cables can be quickly replaced at any time.

In addition to a subsequent integration of the e-spool flex with an existing cable, Treotham also offers the igus cable reel solution fully harnessed with chainflex cables specifically designed for moving applications.

As an added bonus, igus gives a unique 36-month guarantee on all cables.

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