Mitsubishi launches new smart cobot arm

Mitsubishi launches new smart cobot arm article image

Mitsubishi Electric has launched its first MELFA ASSISTA collaborative robot, with a special focus on safety.

The 6-axis RV-5AS-D offers positioning accuracies as low as ±0.02mm, a reach of 900mm and a payload of 5kg.

The RV-5AS-D, which complies with the international safety and robotic standards ISO 10218-1 and ISO/TS15066, is equipped with a collision detection function.

It features a Windows-based environment, called RT Visual, for programming its actions.

The software allows non-expert users to drag-and-drop icons to define the movements of the arm, and to simulate operations in 3D before the robot actually performs them.

Movements for the cobot can be taught and recorded via a dedicated control panel on the cobot’s arm, doing away with conventional teach pendants.

Mitsubishi said this control panel and programming interface enable even inexperienced users to set up the system with ease.

Direct control mode

The RV-5AS-D also offers a direct control mode, which is similar to the “teach mode” other cobots have offered. Mitsubishi said users can manipulate the arm into position by hand with controlled force. This position can be stored and added to a motion sequence or attributed to a command without needing to open the programming tools.

A six-colour LED ring that encircles the robot’s forearm provides a visual indication of its current status. Each colour identifies a different mode of operation, alarms or faults. An on-arm keypad can be used to start and stop the robot, to reset errors, or to teach it tasks.

As well as a broad range of industrial applications, the MELFA ASSISTA series cobots can be used for the production of food & beverage products.

Source: The Robot Report



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