Meet the strongest member of Omron’s LD series mobile robot family

Meet the strongest member of Omron’s LD series mobile robot family article image

Omron, a global leader in automation solutions, has launched the new LD-250 Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) with a payload capacity of 250kg.

The LD-250 is the strongest mobile robot in the LD series range. It features a maximum speed of 1.2 m/s and a maximum run time of 13 hours before it needs recharging.

The LD-250 allows customers to load larger and heavier payloads, making fewer trips with heavier batches, ultimately increasing return on investment.

With the LD-250 in your fleet, you can do more with less equipment.

And users can take advantage of accessories that improve performance, such as Omron’s high accuracy positioning system (HAPS) and side lasers.

The LD-250 mobile robot can be paired with Omron TM collaborative robot arms for applications that require mobile manipulation.

The robot can also use accessories such as conveyor tops, courier systems, and adaptive material handling mechanics to meet customer needs. It can autonomously avoid people and obstacles while calculating the best routes to transport material. Additional E-stops can be easily added.

Safety is a key focus with the LD-250. The robot complies with ISO EN1525, JIS D6802 and ANSI B56.5 safety standards and works safely around people.

Tested and proven technology

Also, the LD-250 now gives you more options for operating a mobile fleet to optimise fleet performance.

With the LD-250, Omron mobile fleets can be more diverse and still be controlled through Omron’s industry-leading Fleet Manager system.

Other models in Omron’s line-up include the LD-60 (payload up to 60kg), LD-90 (payload up to 90kg) and the Cart Transporter models that can transport up to 130kg.

The LD250 is based on the same tested-and-proven technology used in the industry-leading LD90, with a higher payload capacity and tougher metal skins.

Working seamlessly into an integrated Omron mobile fleet, the LD250 can allow customers to optimise their traffic management, battery management, and routing of vehicles with a more diverse fleet.

One Fleet Manager controls up to 100 robots and can be easily set up on PCs and tablets.Omron_LED250_with payload

Advantages of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)

Unlike AGVs, Omron AMRs can safely navigate without the use of floor magnets or wall-mounted beacons.

An AMR will first create a baseline map of a facility using built-in sensors, then will constantly detect its surroundings. When processes change, AMRs can easily change as well, creating networks of new routes or being reassigned to new tasks.

AGVs require a predefined path to follow, either a network of magnetic lines on the floor or beacons on the walls.

So although AGVs allow modifications to production lines, facilities will need to install new equipment every time the AGV path is changed, leading to downtime and extra costs.

And AGVs will stop at obstacles indefinitely, AMRs avoid stationary or moving obstacles and automatically re-route themselves when necessary. AMR paths automatically change without human intervention, making operations more flexible and decreasing total cost of ownership.

Best in class solutions

Omron mobile robots are easy to set up, requiring no construction such as the installation of magnets, and minimal programming.

The advanced software integrates with other systems so you can get it up and running in minimal time.

Omron is a pioneer of industrial mobile robots, working closely with customers to develop best-in-class solutions.

With the largest install base in the world, Omron mobile robots are deployed in thousands of applications across multiple industries.

Omron’s mobile solutions are extremely versatile and can be adapted to perform a wide variety of tasks and applications – and they can grow with your business.

And when you work with Omron, you don’t just get a robot – you get a fully integrated solution to meet the needs of your automated production.

The Omron LD-250 mobile robot is now selling worldwide.

The robot will be debuting at the International Robot Exhibition 2019 (iREX) in Tokyo from December 18-21.

Key features

  • 250 kg payload capacity
  • Easy setup and maintenance
  • Tougher metal skins endure the toughest jobs in industrial environments
  • Ideal for small but heavy loads or lighter but bulky loads
  • Advanced safety features − Complies with ISO EN1525, JIS D6802 and ANSI B56.5 safety standards
  • Works safely with people
  • Integrates with custom payloads such as conveyors
  • Adapts to changing environments
  • Designed for a variety of industries, including food and beverage, automotive, electronics, pharmaceutical, packaging

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Omron Industrial Automation

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