Latest Omron innovation on show at QLD robotics hub

Latest Omron innovation on show at QLD robotics hub article image

Queensland’s Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM) Hub is Australia’s first robotics manufacturing hub.

Launched in Brisbane earlier this year, the ARM Hub is a dynamic collaboration between research organisations, government and industry.

It’s main goal is to help manufacturers find smarter solutions to today’s industry challenges.

QLD Minister for State Development, Tourism and Innovation, Kate Jones this week visited the new facility to inspect the latest robotics and manufacturing advancements.

At this special event, Omron, a global leader in automation solutions, showcased some of its latest technology – demonstrating how humans and machines can work together in harmony.

On display was Omron’s ground-breaking new LD250 heavy lifting mobile robot working in unison with its market-leading TM collaborative robot (“cobot”).

Omron staged a real-life factory application, loading full plastic containers via its TM14 collaborative robot on to its heavy load LD250 Autonomous Intelligent Vehicle (AIV). The mobile robot then transported the load of multiple containers through to a nominated unloading area. This was achieved in a crowded working area to demonstrate the exceptional workplace safety features of both machines.

Improving productivity and efficiency

Omron’s team of experts explained how automation can help businesses to transform and grow. By using advanced robotics and other assistive technologies Australian manufacturers can gain a competitive edge globally.

"Our exhibit demonstrates how humans and machines can work together to meet the demands of modern manufacturing, including flexibility and customisation, traceability of products and a higher standard of worker safety," says Paul Gibb, Omron’s state manager for QLD/NT.

"Our vision for the factory of the future is for humans and machines to work together to ensure constant improvements in productivity, efficiency, product quality and a more rewarding worker experience.

Mr Gibb says Omron intends to bring multiple groups of key customers to the ARM Hub to discuss future applications and growth opportunities.

Unveiling the latest technology

With a payload capacity of 250kg, Omron’s LD250 Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) is the strongest mobile robot in the LD series range.

The LD robot range comes in three capacities: 60, 90 or 250kg. Speeds range from 1.2 to 1.8 m/sec for the largest to the smallest robot.

Omron’s TM Collaborative robot is designed to work with both humans and machines. Safe and transportable with built-in vision, its intuitive software enables the robot to be easily trained to perform almost any task.

There are three different models of TM cobots with reach ranging from 700-1300mm and payloads from 4kg-14kg. Typical speeds vary from 1.1 to 1.4 m/sec.

The TM cobot can free employees from repetitive tasks, while increasing productivity and improving workplace safety.

The ARM Hub is a not-for-profit government-backed collaborative facility that offers design capabilities, from industrial, process and digital through to workflow, engineering and architectural design to assist manufacturers in their digital transition.

The hub caters for sectors as diverse as aerospace, biomedical, beef and food processing, defence, mining equipment, technology and services, rail manufacturing, and space.



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