How MiR mobile industrial robots can enhance workplace safety

How MiR mobile industrial robots can enhance workplace safety article image

Konica Minolta is partnering with Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) to bring MiR 500 and MiR 1000 series mobile robots to Australian industry.

These robots are designed to increase efficiency, drive productivity – and improve workplace safety.

With the MiR 500 and MiR 1000, Australian manufacturers can move pallets and heavy material around factories and logistics hubs. They are ideal for organisations that now rely on forklifts and conveyors for those jobs.

According to the Worksafe Queensland website, since July 2013, there have been 178 notified forklift incidents involving crush injuries or the risk of serious crush injuries and 114 statutory notices for the risk management of an incident involving a forklift crush injury have been issued. On average each year, 281 workers' compensation claims are accepted for crush injuries involving forklifts. Forty per cent of these involve serious injuries requiring five or more days off work.

“Workplace injuries involving forklifts represent a massive cost to the industry,” said Martin Keetels, national manager – robotics and innovation, Konica Minolta.

“Workplace safety is paramount in these industries to protect staff but also to protect the bottom line and organisations’ reputations,” he said.

Post COVID-19 resurgence

“The MiR 500 and MiR 1000 can assist organisations with this as well as offer economic efficiencies associated with deploying the right technology to complete tasks autonomously, giving organisations the opportunity to redeploy people to higher value tasks.

“In a 24/7 manufacturing or logistics facility, the MiR can offer a return on investment inside a year.” 

COVID-19 has highlighted the potential for a resurgence in manufacturing in Australia.

Robots have a role to play in assisting smart manufacturers leverage smart technology.

They can help businesses to rapidly ramp up operations to handle increased workload as COVID-19 restrictions are gradually lifted and assist with workplace social distancing.

Protecting workers and businesses

“The MiR 500 and MiR 1000 will have a critical role to play in the manufacturing and logistics organisations of the future,” said Mr Keetels. “They will play an important part in protecting workers and businesses and helping them de-risk and future-proof their operations.

“Konica Minolta is excited to play a role in that by bringing these robots to the local market backed by Konica Minolta’s service and support expertise.”

The MiR Pallet Lift 500 ensures stable handling and transport of pallets and shelves.

The MiR 500 lifts pallets autonomously from the MiR Pallet Rack and lowers the pallet for stable transportation of payloads up to 500kg, while the MiR 1000 handles payloads up to 1000kg.

Both can integrate with conveyors and with customers’ Warehouse Management Systems.   



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