Epson launches new compact six-axis robot

Epson launches new compact six-axis robot article image

Looking for a space-efficient axis robot for material handling operations?

Epson has launched the new N6 compact 6-axis (vertically articulated) industrial robot and the SH250LH, a new force sensor with a hollow design.

Epson’s N series of compact 6-axis robots perform tasks in tight spaces more efficiently than other robots because of a uniquely engineered “folding” arm.

The N6 has a longer arm (1,000mm) and can handle higher payloads (6kg) than Epson’s previously released N2. 

The N6 is ideal for loading/unloading small electronic products and automotive parts into/from test equipment. It can also be used for shelving/unshelving medical products and other similar applications.

It has a smaller installation footprint than earlier 6-axis robots and can reach a wider range of places, from the top shelf to the bottom. These features increase productivity and the efficiency with which factory space is used. 

Key features

  • The unique arm structure and arm length give the N6 a small installation footprint while allowing it to reach high places.
  • Users can lay out factory shelves and equipment vertically instead of horizontally enabling the N6 to use previously wasted vertical space. 
  • Installation space can be reduced by up to 75%
  • The compact robots provides greater flexibility with factory layouts
  • Hollow arm provides storage space for cables and hoses
  • Easy set-up as you no longer have to take into account the amount of wrist rotation (the wrist is the moving part between joints #5 and #6) when routing cables and hoses.

Like the arm, the optional new SH250LH force sensor also employs a hollow design, so cables and hoses can be neatly routed through the sensor as well as the arm.

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