Axelent X-Guard Contour provides added safety when working with robots

Axelent X-Guard Contour provides added safety when working with robots article image

For superior safety when working with robots in confined spaces, Axelent has unveiled its latest X-Guard Contour machine guarding.

Axelent X-Guard Contour is a part of a larger range that is easily configurable to adapt to all possible machine guarding needs for any warehouse, factory or facility.

“The X-Guard Contour is a unique machine guard that has been designed by Axelent to offer a sleek and functional design,” says Axelent Sales Director, Drew Hoxey.

“The X-Guard Contour was the market’s first machine guard with 90-degree corner angles that offer round corners on the guarding.

“This innovative feature ensures that the X-Guard Contour is an ideal solution for confined areas within a production environment or narrow warehouse and has grown to be one of the most popular in the series.”

Endless combinations

The X-Guard range is intuitively designed to ensure that the guarding fits easily and quickly around all types of machines and safety areas. With endless combinations available the X-Guard range offers flexibility and the guards are available in mesh panel, sheet plate and plastics sections.

Thanks to the X-Guard’s smart door solutions you do not need to pre-determine whether you need a left or right-hinged door. The sections are available in 13 widths and 4 heights and is quick to assemble.

Axelent is a global manufacturer of unique modular-designed X-Guard safety guarding and X-Tray cable tray systems and the McCue Pedestrian Barriers.

These products are designed to protect pedestrians, machines, forklifts, racking and facilities.

Axelent Australia offers a complete safety concept for the Australia and New Zealand markets.



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