Working with cobots: How new e-chain mounting clamps can improve safety

Working with cobots: How new e-chain mounting clamps can improve safety article image

Safety plays a key role when humans and robots work hand in hand in the industry.

That’s why users of cobots and industrial robots are already using Treotham’s multi-axis round igus triflex R e-chains for energy and data supply.

To easily attach these energy chains and increase work safety in industry, igus has now developed new plastic mounting clamps. With quick installation, these minimise the risk of injury with their rounded edge design.

In the course of Industry 4.0, interaction of human and machine is increasingly becoming the focus of automation.

Therefore, collaborative robots (cobots) are considered the future. Cobots are mainly used as assistants in simple or interacting activities and – in contrast to large and fast industrial robots – work hand-in-hand with humans.

For reliable energy supply to cobots and industrial robots, Treotham offers the optimal energy chain solution with its igus triflex R range. In addition to metal clamps, you can now use new cobot designed clamps to attach the energy chain to the robot arm.

Quickly and simply attached

The design with rounded edges increases workplace safety by reducing the risk of injury when in contact with the robot. The plastic clamps can be quickly attached to the arm of the robot by a screw connection. The triflex R is simply attached to the clamp by a clip and fixed.

The new clamps are suitable for cobots from Universal Robots, TMS and Kuka LBR iiwa robot arms.

The triflex R range has been specifically developed for sophisticated 6-axis robots in industrial environments. By combining the flexibility of a hose with the stability of an energy chain, the round triflex R ensures reliable cable guidance in multi-axis movements.

A ball/socket principle ensures high tensile strength and easy installation of the e-chain.

The interior separation is freely selectable. The circular bend radius stop and the high twistability of the e-chain prevent the over-stressing of cables – this system increases the service life and operational reliability of the application. 

The triflex e-chains are available from Treotham as a complete package with cobot designed clamps, cables and connectors immediately ready for connection.

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