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A new report from Husqvarna Australia, Take Back Time, has found the majority of lawn-mowing Australians (73%) spend more than 100 hours a year (12 days) mowing lawns.

That means many of us are getting less leisure time and missing out on doing the things that matter most.

The research, conducted with a representative sample of 1,003 lawn-mowing Australians, details not only our love of lawns but how there needs to be a shift in Australians' perceptions of time-saving, environmentally sustainable technology in our pursuit of “lawn pride.”

Husqvarna invited four leading commentators – Jason Hodges (award-winning landscaper), Kate Christie (time management expert), Sahra O’Doherty (registered psychologist) and Geoff Quattromani (international tech commentator) – to comment on the findings.

Of those studied, 80% want a freshly cut, great looking lawn, with 48% wanting to feel proud of their lawns and 37% seeking a better quality lawn.

Let a robot do the hard yards

However, the report found most Australians are time poor with 83% wanting to reduce the time spent mowing, and 58% wish someone else would mow their lawn.

According to Husqvarna, the ideal solution is to switch to an automated, robotic lawn mower.

Award-winning landscaper Jason Hodges says research shows nearly 4 in 10 Australians who mow their lawn do so once a week or more.

“For a lot of us this isn’t time best spent,” he says.

The report also cites a range of lawn mowing challenges including:

  • Mowing in the heat (53%)

  • Rather be doing something else (21%)

  • Time and effort involved (20%)

Turning to technology such as automated robotic lawnmowers makes lawn care a game changer, says Hodges.

And a robotic lawnmower is more sustainable in the long term.

“It is one of the most impactful ways for you to mow, as it returns the clippings back into the grass, returning all those nutrients to the soil, improving the lawn quality,” he says.

“Plus, it’s battery-powered with no direct emissions, so you are not emitting greenhouse gas into the air.”

Time to outsource

Time management expert Kate Christie says for those trying to find more time in their week, it’s time to outsource.

“Look for products that enable you to continue to live a great but slower paced life, not a busy life. Using technology to unlock more time in our day is going to be revolutionary in our personal lives.”

Geoff Quarttomani, technology expert says the most important thing when choosing smart technology, is choosing something that truly offers convenience – ideally doing a task you’d rather not do.

“Technology is so much more than just a new gadget, it’s an enabler. Instead of running around pushing a lawn mower, I’m running around with my kids, and quite simply, that gives me more joy.”

Spend more time enjoying your backyard

The research showed only 3 in 10 Australians have enough time for fun, relaxation and respite once a week, with 2 in 10 Australians less than once a fortnight or hardly ever.

According to Sahra O’Doherty, a registered psychologist, leisure time is crucial for better stress management, brain function, stimulated mind and improved relationships.

“One of the greatest benefits I can see with having more time, particularly if you have a garden, is the ability to spend more time actually enjoying it, rather than doing less enjoyable tasks like lawn mowing.”

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