Australia’s Tradiebot to showcase latest tech in Vietnam

Australia’s Tradiebot to showcase latest tech in Vietnam article image

Tradiebot, an emerging leader in digital automotive and trade training applications, will take part in a joint Australian and Vietnam Government Skills Conference in Vietnam later this month.

Tradiebot will be involved in exclusive planning sessions on skills and training along with a handful of innovation companies from across the world.

The program organised by the Australian Government, AusCham Vietnam, Austrade and WorldSkills Australia is designed to tackle the needs for new programs and technologies used in early training and skill development of the current workforce.

The week-long event will be hosted in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh.

It features government representatives, education providers and an array of workshops, conferences and expert panels discussions.

Visitors will see demonstrations of new technologies such as virtual reality platforms.

Tradiebot will showcase its new to market SprayVIS product at the show.

SprayVIS is the most technologically advanced, cost effective and compact virtual reality spray painting simulator on the market. The out-of-box plug and play solution developed by Tradiebot in Australia provides a new perspective in developing training using virtual environments.

New platform in schools

The solution comes with three user modes including Expo, Training (the main feature) and Leaner, a light version software offered to schools. This platform provides a direct connection to industry to help stimulate student interest in trades such as spray painting.

Tradiebot is in the final stages of packaging its ReadyTradeGOprogram to be used by students with an interest in spray painting or automotive repair as a career.

The program uses new smart devices such as virtual reality headsets, which are becoming more affordable and commonplace in schools and homes globally.

Tradiebot CEO Mario Dimovski will also be presenting at the conference. He is also involved in high level talks with officials from both governments and training providers to address the need to introduce new digital solutions for training and information delivery to the auto industry.

Mr Dimovski will demonstrate how technology can be used to better connect with the future workforce through the education network.

New perspective

“We look forward to contributing in this program with the Australian and Vietnam Governments and the delegates from the training and education sectors,” he said.

“Our software solutions offer a new perspective in generating interest for the younger generation using these new digital tools that they can relate to, be it either via a mobile phone, smart tablet or a VR gaming headset. These are everyday devices that the younger generation are now growing up around.”

Tradiebot aims to promote trades as a pathway to a secure and prospective career choice as the need to repair vehicles increases.

Mr Dimovski says the flow of new apprentices is at a record low around the world.

“With technology in cars and repair methods becoming more complex, it is just as crucial to ensure that the technicians of today are equipped with the knowledge and understanding on how to carry out safer repairs and continually be upskilled on the ever-changing repair industry.”

This event is one of a number of exclusive trade missions and government related events Tradiebot is taking part in over the next few months, working with Austrade and other government organisations.

This includes a mission to India to meet with leading OEM manufacturers. Mr Dimovski plans to visit auto innovation facilities to introduce them to Tradiebot’s unique technology software systems in virtual and augmented reality.

Trips to the US, Europe and Middle East are also being considered in the next 12 months.



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