Apex Automation & Robotics partners with Omron to find perfect solutions

Apex Automation & Robotics partners with Omron to find perfect solutions article image

Apex Automation and Robotics has gained a reputation as a leader in automation solutions across a broad range of industries.

One of the keys to the company’s outstanding success has been sourcing the most suitable technology for each application.

By developing the right technology specific to the customer’s production, process or application Apex Automation and Robotics has helped clients to:

  • Reduce labour costs
  • Improve process efficiency and reliability
  • Improve quality
  • Increase production speed and
  • Improve workplace safety

“Apex considers our suppliers to be partners in providing the latest technologies to our customers,” says the company’s general manager Dany Seif.

“These technology partners – leading international companies with proven track records – keep our finger on the pulse of their latest developments and product range to make sure  we utilise the most suitable technology for our automation solutions.”

Omron, a global leader in automation, has been a preferred supplier to Apex.

“Omron has a very good range of sensors, safety products, PLCs (programmable logic controllers), HMI (Human Machine Interface) and motion control systems,” says Mr Seif.

“We always use Omron technology unless a customer specifically asks for something else.”

In particular, Omron’s vision systems – the FH and FQ series – deliver high-speed performance and accuracy to improve productivity in a broad range of industry applications.

“We are an Omron preferred vision integrator,” says Mr Seif.

Omron vision systems are usually used to inspect products for quality control (shape and measurement).

Omron’s vision system technology is the ideal solution for:

  • Inspection of missing or misaligned parts in a production line
  • Inspection of plastic bottle dimensions
  • Measuring the rotation of a product for re-orientation
  • Detection of printing defects on labels
  • Measurement of size and position of boxes on a conveyor for pick up by robot
  • Measurement of extrusions/checking tolerances

“Omron vision systems are very powerful and very user-friendly,” Mr Seif says.

“That’s why we love to partner with them when it comes to vision applications – they have been leading the way in that area for many years, and their software is updated and improved regularly.”

Mr Seif and his team of five highly qualified engineers work closely with clients to understand their requirements and develop cost effective automation solutions.

“We visit their site and gather all the information to determine what they want to achieve – then we brainstorm a solution that fits the application.

“That is perhaps our biggest strength – coming up with technology that is suitable for the application – whether it be automation, robotics or a vision system.

“We try to keep it simple. We are not the biggest player on size, but we are one of the biggest on quality and on finding the best solution.”

State-of-the-art technologies

Mr Seif says his engineers are constantly in touch with the latest developments in state-of-the-art technologies.

“Vision systems and laser scanning have come a long way in the last 10 years – they have more on-board tools and filters and are easier to interface.

“We have used them reliably in projects for quality control and real time non-contact measurements. We have installed several systems using the FH controllers with 2, 4 or 8 cameras to inspect plastic bottles for the blow moulding industry, and to verify labels and barcodes for the foods industry.”

Apex Automation also uses vision technology to help guide robots to perform tasks that cannot be pre-programmed due to product variations.

“In a recent project for a leading manufacturer of hot water systems, we have fixed two cameras on the robot head to find the exact position of each product on the line to enable the robot to accurately insert a nozzle in a hole and inject the insulation foam,” said Mr Seif.

Apex is now exploring ways to use Omron’s new LD series mobile robots in a range of applications.

‘Explosion’ of robots in the workplace

“We are very impressed with the new Omron robots and we look forward to incorporating them into future projects,” says Mr Seif.

“That is an area that is expanding rapidly. This technology can be used by just about everyone – the only thing that is limiting it now is the cost.”

But when the cost of owning robots is lower, there will be an explosion, Mr Seif predicts.

“These mobile robots will be used in the services industry and even in offices – it is only limited by your imagination.”

Omron’s LD series mobile robots are designed for dynamically moving material in challenging environments – including confined passageways and workplaces with staff on the move.

They are ideal for any industry that transports materials with payloads up to 100kg.

Unlike traditional autonomously guided vehicles (AGVs), the LD series robot requires no facility modifications, such as floor magnets or navigational beacons, saving users up to 15% in deployment costs.

Special software and controls allow it to intelligently navigate around people and unplanned obstacles, that render traditional AGVs incapacitated. It can be programmed and functional within a day.

In recent years Apex has expanded its operations, with systems in place in China and Indonesia. Its sights are now set on other export markets including the US.

Outstanding customer support

“We are looking to grow our exports and keen to explore new markets,” says Mr Seif.

Mr Seif says his company will continue to provide its customers with intelligent automation solutions that give them a competitive edge by increasing their productivity, improving their product quality and reducing their production costs.

Apex has earned a reputation for outstanding customer support.

“We provide extensive training, documentation and on-going technical support to make the transition for the customer as smooth as possible,” says Mr Seif.

About Apex Automation & Robotics

Established in 2005, Apex Automation and Robotics is an Australian company specialising in the design and manufacture of custom-built automation machines and robotic systems.

Located in the north-western suburbs of Sydney, has installed over 100 systems including more than 30 robotic cells in Australia and overseas.The majority of these projects were full turnkey systems, developed from concept incorporating mechanical and electrical design and software development by its engineers. 

Apex Automation and Robotics

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About Omron

Established in 1933 as the Tateisi Electric Manufacturing Company in Osaka, Japan, Omron is a global leader in automation.

Founded by Mr KazumaTateisi, Omron’s core value is “At Work for a Better Life, a Better World for All.”

The Omron group has more than 36,000 employers in 35 countries throughout the world. Net sales are approaching $US7 billion a year.

The company specializes in industrial automation equipment including electronic components, automotive electronics, traffic/road management solutions as well as state-of-the-art healthcare equipment.

It offers more than 200,000 product lines including sensors, switches, relays, machine safeguarding equipment and factory automation systems.

Omron Oceania was established in 1987, with its headquarters now in Silverwater, Sydney.

Omron Electronics

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