The threat of cyber attack is real: how to safeguard your business

The threat of cyber attack is real: how to safeguard your business article image

Consumers should use the same caution with the internet as they would in a “real” place, a major security conference in Sydney was told.

Nigel Phair_1Nigel Phair, director, UNSW Canberra Cyber, said because the internet isn't tangible, users often fail to exercise the same amount of precaution online as they would in real life.

This opens thems up to serious dangers and repercussions, Mr Phair told the ESET Security Days Conference last month.

He praised the Australian government for its swift action following the recent hacking of data at Parliament House in Canberra that affected the three major political parties.

The government openly acknowledged the breach's severity, he said.

He hoped this kind of accountability and openness would continue. 

The Conference featured a broad range of experts discussing the latest cybercrime and online security issues affecting businesses, institutions, and consumers. 

Malware and cyber attacks

Robert Lipovsky, senior malware researcher, ESET, discussed the ways machine learning is helping to combat an ongoing “cat-and-mouse game” between malware researchers and cybercriminals.

Nick FitzGerald_1

Mr Lipovsky cited major malware and cyberattacks, including GreyEnergy and Not Petya, and the nature of ransomware, data breaches, and cyberattacks and their effect on different companies.

Nick FitzGerald, senior research fellow, ESET, shared an overview of some of the biggest cyberthreats to affect consumers and organisations, including cryptojacking, sextortion, and enterprise ransomware.

Despite the hype, ransomware is on the decline, while coin mining and cryptomining gain momentum, he said.

Mr FitzGerald explained how coin mining operates, and how users can detect and avoid online threats.

Greatest threat to security

And Michal Jankech,principal product manager, ESET discussed the best ways organisations can prioritise and fulfil their cybersecurity objectives.

Despite often good intentions, employees are consistently the greatest threat to an organisation's security, he said.

Michal Jankech_1To help prevent cyber attacks, Mr Jankech said organisations should educate their employees, and put into place relevant access restrictions.

The conference was told that more than 70 per cent of cyber attacks are delivered through web browsers – and that is why the risk is so high.

Protecting and monitoring data

Guests learnt how new ESET technology is helping companies prevent cyber attacks.

ESET® has been developing industry-leading IT security software and services for businesses and consumers worldwide for more than 30 years.

It’s solutions range from endpoint and mobile security, to encryption and two-factor authentication. 

ESET’s security products helps consumers and businesses protect and monitor data 24/7, updating defences in real-time.



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